Ex-Satanist Reveals Supernatural Experience of Hell That Converted Him to Christianity

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Hell is a real place, and you definitely do not want to go there.

Ex-satanist and Bronx, New York native John Ramirez revealed his terrifying, out-of-body experience of Hell that ultimately resulted in his conversion to Christianity.

Ramirez described the eye-opening experience in an interview with News12 The Bronx. Ramirez began delving into witchcraft at age eight after his abusive father introduced him to a Satanic cult.

According to the article, “he was trained to be a Satanic cult (Santeria and Spiritualist) high-ranking priest in New York City that cast powerful witchcraft spells and controlled entire regions.”

“I left my body in 1999,” Ramirez explains. “I went to Hell and came back. And I gave my life to Jesus.”

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Ramirez claims he went to Hell and spoke to the devil. He said he left his body, describing his terrifying experience of Hell.

“I left my body and I was on this train going Hell-bound,” Ramirez begins. “This train was full of people. It was going so fast–faster than anything on the earth. When it crashed into Hell, there was Jezebel on the train. Jezebel spoke in demonic tongue, calling me in the train, ‘Traitor, traitor!'”

“I kind of moved away from her because the fear was so strong in the train that I never experienced that fear on the earth. You couldn’t see the people’s faces. You could see everything of the person, but you couldn’t see the faces. But you could feel the terror on this train, and they knew they were going to a place that they were never going to return.

“When the train hit Hell. I stepped off into Hell.”

“When you step into Hell,” Ramirez said, “the ground breathes. It breathes as if you are stepping on the human person. When you step into Hell, the first thing the person says–the first thing I said when I stepped into Hell–and I’m pretty sure everyone says this when they go to Hell, is, ‘I don’t belong here.’

“And that’s what I said. I came to Hell–I saw people who still practice witchcraft today. That tells me that those people will never make heaven because they will never repent.

“So I started walking through the portals of Hell, and you feel like you are suffocating…You feel fear. Fear is like a human person in Hell. It’s not like the fear here.”

“The fear in Hell wraps around you like a straight jacket. You can hear it breathe. You can hear it like it is something alive on you.

“I’m trying to walk through the portals of Hell and I’m trying to find my way out, and then there was a tunnel. I went through one of the tunnels, because it has different tunnels.”

Ramirez said he “wanted to get out” because there was “despair, wailing, and cries.” 

“It was so demonic. You couldn’t even see the hand on your face. That’s how dark it is there.

“I’m walking and I get to one part of Hell and the devil comes out.

He says to me, ‘I loved you and you were my son. I protected you. I was your father,'” continued Ramirez. “The devil can’t love you. I don’t care what you practice. You are made in the image of God. You remind him of Jesus. So the devil will never love you. So he hates you, so he will pretend he loves you, give you what you want until you lose yourself.

“When Satan came out, he said, ‘I will have to destroy you. You know all about the occult–you know all the secrets. You know how I trap people.’

“When he went to grab me, the Cross of Jesus Christ appeared in Hell. It was a three-foot cross. This thing was humungous. It made contact with the devil and he fell like he was a piece of paper.”

“Then I ran off into another tunnel of Hell. Then the devil came out again and said, ‘I have to destroy you. You’re not going to wake up on the earth and you’ll die.’

“I showed him my marks. I said, ‘I’ve got these. I will fight you with these.’

“Satan said, ‘That’s the contract that I own you.’

“When he went to grab me again, the Cross appeared in Hell. The Cross was between him and me. When he tried making contact to hit me, the Cross hit him. He dropped. I went back into my body like I was in ICU, and I knew that God was saying to me, ‘you know, I’m only going to give you one chance to turn and repent and follow Me.”

Ramirez concludes his story saying, “I’m just a messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have nothing that I can offer you or give you, but I can point you to the one who can give it all to you. ”

However, Ramirez speaks against the Catholic Church’s teachings in his book, Unmasking the Devil: Strategies to Defeat Eternity’s Greatest Enemy. Ramirez wrote that Catholics worship Mary and the saints. He also defied the Church’s teaching on purgatory and the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Click these links to learn more about the Catholic Church’s teachings on private revelations, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and invoking saintly intercession.

Pray for John Ramirez!

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