Viral Video Shows “Campus Marxists” Run From Traditional Eucharistic Procession

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Architectural Revival, Facebook

Talk about showing a stark contrast!

The Facebook page “Architectural Revival” recently shared a short video that’s been going viral in Catholic circles. With the description “TradCats > Campus Marxists,” it shows two young women wearing shirts that read “Left Action” walking down a path when they suddenly meet a traditional Catholic Eucharistic procession. “Whoa!” they exclaim and get out of the way as the sound in the video changes to a traditional Catholic song and the procession slowly moves past them and a group of surprised onlookers (you can view it below).

A reply on Twitter claims to be from a participant in the Eucharistic procession and says it took place at the University of Sydney in Australia.

As of this writing, on Facebook it’s been viewed over 178,000 times and shared more than 2,400 times; on Twitter it’s been retweeted over 1,100 times and liked over 2,500 times.

The About section for the “Architectural Revival” page that posted the video doesn’t have much information, but it does say “This page is opposed to modernism (in all its forms).”

Here’s the video:

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