POPNews: Mega-Church Pastor Rick Warren to Outsource Sermons to Reddit Commenters

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"They're just so insightful when it comes to Christianity."

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Lake Forest, California — Earlier today, Saddleback Church pastor Rick Warren announced that from now on he will simply read aloud Reddit comments on Christianity in place of his Sunday sermons.

Reddit, the site known as the “Frontpage of the Internet,” is a social site that contains numerous “sub-reddits” which are categories for various topics where users can post links and text to start discussions. Posts are then voted up or down by other users.

“The people who use Reddit are so much more informed, so much more intelligent than most of the Christians out there creating content, including me,” said the mega-church pastor. “I just figured it would be smarter to outsource to these spiritual gurus.”

[Satire alert! All POPNews articles are satire and are meant only in fun.]

Shaun McAfee
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